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Gold Coast Solar Panels

Whether you own a home, business, farm, or any premise that consumes energy…
Solar will work for you!

Electricity that comes from coal and oil is extremely inefficient and damaging to the environment.

Our team source the best solar panels that are produced in the most environmentally friendly way. Not only will you save the environment, you’ll also get an exceptional quality system.

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Solar Is Your Best Investment

Gold Coast Solar Panels is a leader in solar. We’re part of a large network of installers and retailers that work hard to ensure you get the best system for your money.
Our large buying power means we can source panels for $20-$40 less than our competitors. When you have 20 panels on your roof, this means a saving of up to $800, just on panels!


Our Solar Services

Residential Solar Panels

For the very best solar panels on the Gold Coast, contact us today.

Commercial Solar Panels

If you own a business that uses energy during the day, solar can keep that money in your pocket.

Benefits Of Solar On The Gold Coast?

Queenland is lucky enough to have one of the best climates in the world. Not only for us to live in, but also to power our homes. 
Every few weeks, another large solar farm is approved by local councils. This isn’t random. Solar companies know the best place to get an amazing ROI is in Queensland. The Gold Coast is perfectly situated to capture large amounts of the suns radiation.

When this radiation hits the ground, it rebounds back in the atmosphere. This serves a very important purpose to control the climate. But, a lot of this energy is simply wasted.

Solar panels allow us to capture this extraordinary power source and use to power our homes and businesses.

Solar panels have an efficiency of around 19% in most cases. This will allow us to capture enough to reduce your power bill by up to 90%.

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